Cision has greatly simplified our media processes. The platform allows us to quickly gauge volume of coverage and its impact, locate reporters, expedite reports to senior executives, delineate prominent themes and much more. Best of all, it integrates a variety of media items into one central tool, which allows us to be more proactive and frees up time for other tasks.
- Stephanie Slingerland, Senior Manager, Corporate Communications
Since our inception in 2008, Cision has played a vital role in our agency. It is easy to navigate and is a helpful tool when tracking the success of our efforts.
- Jo Swani & Sophie Zunz, Partner
Just wanted to let you know that after using Cision for a while we love it. Thank you for helping us make the switch to you guys, it was worth it. The pub value information is much better and is making a big difference in our department.
- Sarah Todd-Evans, Communications Manager
As a startup ebook publisher, working with Cision has helped us improve in record time our visibility among media and other influencers, and traffic to our website and book sales have increased considerably.
- Kyra Ryan, Managing Editor
Naarmate mijn marketing- en PR-bedrijf groeide, werden efficiëntie en time management steeds belangrijker. Het was nogal omslachtig om de contactgegevens van individuele journalisten te vinden. Met de mediadatabase van Cision kunnen we snel contactgegevens identificeren en verkrijgen voor journalisten die mogelijk geschikt zijn voor onze klanten. Terwijl we zijn blijven groeien, is Cision een integraal onderdeel geworden van de manier waarop we resultaten leveren voor onze klanten. Cision heeft zichzelf meer dan terugverdiend.
- Eric Fischgrund, Gründer
Hooray! Cision, you have finally made searching easier, more effective and more intuitive. Thank you!
- Kelly Williams, Linhart Public Relations
Cision is a great tool for our public relations team here at Max Mara. We use the database tool most often and we always find it to be extremely helpful. The information is always up-to-date, relevant and clear. The program is easy to navigate and really user-friendly. We are very pleased with Cision and would recommend it to any public relations team, especially in the fashion industry.
- Michelle McWilliams, Director of Public Relations
This was so incredibly fast to use.
- Monika Balsamo, Director of PR and Events
Cision is a day-to-day essential for our business. Of all of the media database platforms available in our industry, Cision remains a favorite among our teams. From quick media searches, to helping us identify the most strategic opportunities for our clients, the features are easy to use and intuitive. Their reps are always available to us at a moment’s notice, and a pleasure to work with.
- Donna Burke, Gründerin
This is an awesome tool!
- Alex Sten, PR/Integrated Marketing Manager
Cision has greatly improved our media and PR efforts. With the help of Cision, we have been able to leverage new contacts and trade publications, as well as push our news releases out in a timely and efficient manner.
- Michele Westergaard, Marketing/PR Coordinator
Cision is a necessary tool for our communications colleagues at Mandarin Oriental. The platform is easy to navigate and the detailed information is invaluable. It is a resource that we use daily.
- Chad Belisario, Communications & Residences Marketing Manager
Once we loaded our content into Cision’s platform it began hitting the big name websites. We immediately saw an increase in all of our metrics. Since we started the Cision content marketing program, referral traffic to our website has increased by 20 percent.
- Daniel Durazo, Chief Marketing Officer
Cision helps us track coverage better, respond quickly to opportunities and challenges and report promptly to our management. Its ability to deliver hard-copy clips, international monitoring and analysis is also critical. Cision helps us cost-effectively integrate the ways in which we monitor coverage.
- Sally Andrews, Vice President, Public Relations, Holland America Line
Cision's analysis tools let us measure performance and express results in multiple ways, and present those findings in a clear, effective format to our clients.
- David Weissman, Senior Director of Public Relations
Cision is clearly more robust than any of their competitors, and provides accurate information. In turn, it makes me more efficient, and ultimately saves my company money.
- Matt Farrell, Senior Director of Media Relations
Cision’s client service is top notch and they are always willing to work with you no matter the issue at hand (even if it may be after business hours). It’s the people that really make these services worthwhile, and Cision hires those who truly understand the needs and urgency of the agency PR person and client accounts.
- Mike Banas, Ketchum
Cision really distinguishes itself with its customer service. My account team is ready to help me—whether I’m anticipating something that will air or looking for something that already did. I always get prompt results.
- Brian Delgado, Manager, Communications
The Cision team is always willing to go the extra mile for our team and our clients. They frequently assist us with last minute requests and questions, helping us give our clients the best service.
- Elizabeth Tjaden, Assistant Account Executive
On behalf of our public relations team, I just wanted to express our appreciation for the outstanding customer service.
- Kelly Huffman, Project Manager, Customer Experience
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