Quantifying the Power of PR 


For years, proving ROI has been a challenge for communications professionals. Without the data to actually prove which campaigns and tactics produce the best outcomes, organizations develop entrenched assumptions that may or may not prove true after research. 

Adobe wanted to examine a long-standing assumption of the C-Suite, namely that high volume of less segmented messaging was the biggest driver of success. Adobe's communications department partnered with media analytics experts at Cision Insights to investigate this assumption using data and fact-based communications analysis.  With the result of the research, Adobe was able: 

  • To prove that the long-held belief of executives, that larger volumes produced better results, was incorrect.  
  • To determine that 65% of the outlets on their media list were not generating the desired messaging. 
  • To centralize their monitoring approach and in the process achieve 25% cost and time savings, which improved ROI.

By bringing forth a transformation using media monitoring and analytics, Adobe's PR strengthened the company as powerfully as any other marketing channel.  

Download the success story to discover more about Adobe's findings from the analysis. 

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