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A modern communications pro has several jobs in one. Not only do you have to be a good storyteller, story seller, strategist and analyst, you should also be capable of smoothly juggling these elements. And all this while dealing with a rapidly changing media landscape and increasing pressure to secure earned media and prove the business impact of your efforts.  

That's why Cision is constantly innovating and exploring new ways to be able to support you: 

Strategic Partnerships and Acquisitions

Strategic Partnerships and Acquisitions

Technological Innovation

Transformative Technology

Industry Leadership and Expertise

True Customer Commitment

True Commitment to Clients

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Our professionals are devoted to providing the best communications solution in the market. 

Our Values

Our values form the backbone of our corporate culture and are the touchstone for assessing our continued adherence to the Cision way of working. 

We Are One

We work together to provide the best full-service client experiences.

We Embrace Differences

We value diversity of ideas, people and beliefs. Our diversity allows us to build innovative solutions to meet the needs of our clients.

We Are Committed

We are committed to making a firm effort on behalf of our clients and partners.

We are Constantly Evolving

We are eager to learn, embrace new ideas and create change. This means we drive growth for our customers while providing opportunities for our people to learn and develop into true "tech" leaders.

We Celebrate

We make sure our people get recognition for their hard work, and we celebrate our small and large successes.


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Diversity and Inclusion: Real Team Power

We strive to create a work culture where we embrace our diversity and encourage everyone to do their best by simply being their true selves. 

Not a slogan but rather just the way we deliver on our promises.

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We are transforming the way an whole industry views earned media.

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