Our values are our way of working. It is the way we get things done and why we are different. We have five simple values that form the basis of our corporate culture. They are part of our "language" and are the measure by which we judge whether we are living up to what is important to us.

We Are One

Working together, we are empowered to deliver outstanding customer experiences.

We Embrace Differences

We honor diversity of ideas, people and beliefs. Our diversity enables us to create innovative solutions to serve our customers' needs. Find out more about how Cision embraces diversity & inclusion

We Are Dedicated

We are committed to working hard with our teams for our customers and partners.

We Are Constantly Developing

We are curious, embrace new ideas and create change. This means we drive growth for our customers. It also means we have a learning culture where our people have the opportunity to develop into technology leaders.


We have culture ambassadors in each office who ensure that our people get recognition for their hard work and ensure we celebrate our wins, both big and small.

Maintaining our culture is a big part of what makes us successful. By ensuring that everyone shares the same values, we ensure that we build a company that continues to innovate, serve customers and serve the communities in which we work.

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