All Children’s Hospital, one of Florida’s premier pediatric hospitals, uses Cision to maintain dialogue with key audiences like: the media, patients, families, staff, donors, financial supporters, and the local community.

Cision helps the hospital quickly distribute information and assist its operational teams in responding to emergencies.

If there is a crisis, the hospital must respond with our statement, and not have social media make the statement for us.
—Darrell Lee
Director, e-Health

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All Children’s Hospital of St. Petersburg, FL, is the only specialty-licensed children’s hospital on Florida’s West Coast. Founded in 1926, All Children’s has grown into a leading pediatric referral center that is dedicated to advancing treatment, education, research and advocacy in child health.


Monitor social media in real-time to communicate with key audiences: patients, families, staff, donors, the media, and the community

Use social media monitoring to plan for emergencies and optimize safety, security and quality of care


Cision, including its integrated social media monitoring capabilities


Supported hospital’s day-to-day social media communications and the crisis communications plan
• Prepared successfully for tropical storm and major political convention during August 2012
• Successfully tracked online conversations to learn of imminent incidents that might affect the operations of the hospital.

Cision Social Media Monitoring: Important for Day-to-Day and Crisis Communications

All Children’s, a 259-bed facility in St. Petersburg, manages over eight Facebook pages, including a main page with almost 75,000 fans.

“Before social media, PR professionals had some time to develop an official statement in response to a crisis situation,” says Darrell Lee, the hospital’s Director of e-Health, the department that oversees social media communications. “Today if there is a crisis, the hospital must be prepared to respond quickly, and not have the social media community make the statement for us.”

Lee and his team have implemented a comprehensive crisis communications plan that places a strong emphasis on social media monitoring. When a potential crisis is identified, it alerts the PR staff, the hospital’s chief nursing and medical officers, VP of Operations, emergency room directors, and all administrators to ensure that the hospital is prepared to handle a potential emergency.

We are very social-media-aware. We look at all the audiences that we communicate with, and we provide context for each one of them.
—Ann Miller
Media Relations Manager

The Benefit: A Team Prepared to Identify a Crisis and Respond

The need for social media monitoring became acute when Lee’s team prepared for the 2012 Republican National Convention, hosted by nearby Tampa. An incident or emergency from the RNC could dramatically impact the operations of All Children’s.

With protests expected and security in mind, police and the Secret Service blocked off some streets in the vicinity of the hospital. All Children’s needed to ensure the safety of its patients, their families and friends, administrators and staff – and prepare for a spike in its emergency room traffic caused by the storm or the convention.

Compounding the challenge for Lee, the Tampa Bay area was hit by Tropical Storm Isaac just as the RNC was about to begin.

I wanted to have our fingers on the pulse of the social networks.
—Darrell Lee
Director, e-Health

As the convention began and Isaac dumped heavy rains on the area, Lee’s team gathered in the command center, staying glued to Cision, trying to predict, and then prepare for, any potential crisis by monitoring conversations filtered from keywords like protest and demonstration. “I wanted to have our fingers on the pulse of the social networks,” Lee says.

Each event occurred without crisis. Throughout the convention, the hospital used social media to update audiences about road closures and other issues that affected them. During Isaac, it also kept audiences informed through Facebook posts.

With Florida’s Gulf Coast frequently buffeted by severe weather – heavy thunderstorms and tornadoes as well as hurricanes and tropical storms—the need to stay engaged over social networks during a crisis remains strong. Using Cision, All Children’s e-Health team and its PR staff were able to successfully anticipate crises and handle communications during both the RNC and Isaac.